Flat Roof Services

If you begin to encounter problems with your flat roof, such as a leak or damage from a storm, you want to hire a roofing company you know is a quality flat roof repair company.

St. Louis Roofing Company specializes in flat roofs for businesses and commercial buildings throughout the Metro St. Louis area and Illinois. We are proud to have experienced and professional commercial roofing contractors on staff who can be there to help you with any issues with your flat roof. We will take a look at your flat roof and then present you with the best options for your needs. Repairs needing installation, replacement, or repair, we promise your commercial roof will be in good hands.

Our Commercial Flat Roof Repair Services

Many buildings in Missouri have flat roofs. St. Louis Roofing Company is all about putting the customer first and following through on their word. Included in our flat roof services are:


Just like people, not all buildings are identical. When you hire us to install your flat roof, we will take a look and assess your business’ roof to make the best decision on which roofing system is the best for your needs.


As with any type of roofing system, flat roofs could need repairs. We will inspect your flat roof, and report our findings to you.  We value our integrity in our expert evaluation of your commercial roof.


There are instances when simply repairing your roof won’t be enough to fix the issues or damage. When we replace your commercial roof, we look for the best roof replacement for the right price and install it properly onto your business.  Flat roofs come with various warranty options.  We will be there to explain and consult so you can make an informed business decision.

We are the Best Choice for Flat Roof Repair Services

Installing or repairing an industrial or commercial flat roof takes skills and technical knowledge. Our experienced professionals not only have years of experience, but also have certified training to set St. Louis Roofing Company employees above the rest.

St. Louis Roofing Company has been in the roofing installation and repair business since 1848. You can rest assured that you have quality roofing company of professionals on your flat roof.

Call us today at (314) 436-3788 for more information, bids, or ideas for your commercial roofing project.  Talk to us about why we are the best choice to be your roofing contractor for your flat roof repair or installation.

Storm damage or the unexpected repair need is our specialty.  Whether the common St. Louis region hail damage or possible tornado damage, we can be on the scene to help put together an emergency plan. Commercial and industrial roofs are investments we take seriously and want to come along side you during these hectic times.  

Please contact us to learn more.

I enjoyed working with Jason Vuylsteke, your project manager. He was very helpful and courteous, in fact your entire team was very professional.
Josef Hunter

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